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5 days ago
"Excellent service when you can’t get to see your own GP on time and feeling unwell."


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5 days ago
"This was way easy to complete and does takes the stress away from trying to get an appointment with my usual GP"


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1 week ago
"Thank you for making the process easy to follow for someone who is technologically challenged. I appreciate the help and advice."


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4 days ago
"Quick & simple for simple purposes without having to try & get GP appointment"


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3 days ago
"Woke up feeling sick, put a request through while in bed, went back to sleep and woke up to a message saying my certificate was ready!"


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10 hours ago
"Excellent service when you can’t get to see your own GP on time and feeling unwell"


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1 day ago
Very quick and easy to use. I would recommend it.


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2 days ago
"Very handy for when you don't necessarily need to see a doctor or can't get an appointment but require a medical certificate to verify workplace absence"

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Request a Medical Certificate in 3 easy steps


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MinuteHealth connects you with Registered Australian Doctors who are able to provide online medical certificates, if suitable.

Our two-step process allows you to request a consultation in minutes and get the rest you need on your sick day.

We are proud to support the Australian healthcare system by being available 24/7, with our Partner Doctors available at all times. Even after-hours and on weekends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MinuteHealth?

MinuteHealth is an online platform that allows users to connect with Registered Australian Doctors from the comfort of their home.

Can I get a medical certificate online using MinuteHealth?

Yes, MinuteHealth allows you to request a consultation for a medical certificate online. Once reviewed, and if suitable, a medical certificate is issued.

What are your hours of operation?

You can submit a request at any time of day throughout the week, and we will get to your request urgently, within the next few hours.

Are online medical certificates legal?

Yes. The only difference between a traditional medical certificate and an online medical certificate is one was provided via telehealth consultation.

How will I get my online certificate?

Once a Partner Doctor reviews and approved your request, your online medical certificate will be delivered straight to your inbox via email and SMS.

When will I receive my online medical certificate?

You can submit a request 24/7, once a Partner Doctor reviews your request, and it's suitable, you'll get it instantly. Usually within 24 hours.

How can my school/employer verify my certificate?

At MinuteHealth we offer employer/school verification free of charge. We do not share what was discussed in the consultation, however can check the validity of the certificate.

Request an online medical certificate in minutes with our easy-to-use platform.

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