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Employer verify

Welcome! It’s likely you are here to verify the validity of a medical certificate for an employee or student of yours.
This medical certificate has been received following an online consultation with a Partner Doctor through MinuteHealth.

The core benefits of online consultations with Partner Doctors through MinuteHealth are:
They are undertaken by Australian-registered, certified medical professionals.
They assist in reducing the burden on the healthcare system of the 158 million+ GP visits in Australian per year.
They reduce the risk of spreading infection or illness by eliminating the need to visit a waiting room.
They are simple and convenient, enabling people to get the rest they need so they can get back to doing what’s required of them.

We cannot share what was discussed due to confidentiality. You can check the validity of the certificate by emailing us the certificate reference number and surname of your employee. The reference number can be found at the bottom of the certificate.

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