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Can I Get a Vape Prescription Online?

July 14, 2022

Full disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. Should you be in a sticky situation, you should always seek out advice from a legal professional.


Ever since October 1st 2021, new Australian vaping laws were introduced. These laws state that you require a nicotine vape prescription via a GP to vape nicotine-containing products.

Annoying, of course, as rigorous research has already shown that vape users are 8x more likely to quit smoking altogether. This introduced a small barrier to quitting smoking as typically through traditional healthcare you would need to book a GP appointment, travel all the way to a GP, pay for a consultation, hang out in an awkward wait room, consult, and travel home just for a vape prescription that can improve your health…

At MinuteHealth we genuinely want to help Aussies quit the habit of smoking, and want to make sure you’re fully informed on nicotine vape laws in Australia and how you can navigate them easily.

What are the current requirements around nicotine vape laws?

You currently require a nicotine vape prescription from a registered healthcare professional in order to gain access to nicotine vapes.

What are the current vaping laws?

From October 1st 2021, getting a nicotine vape through the Therapeutic Goods Administrations (TGA) Personal Import Scheme got a little stricter:

  • Aussies need a prescription for legal use of nicotine vaping
  • Aussies are not allowed to import nicotine vape juice or vape pods without proof of a prescription, such as one that can be obtained from a Partner Doctor through MinuteHealth

Can I get in trouble if I don’t have a vape prescription?

You can be fined tens of thousands of dollars, depending on your situation and the State / Territory of Australia you’re in. The easy way to avoid this is to legally access a nicotine prescription and save yourself the potential financial headache.

It’s also ultimately on you to have a copy of your prescription available if customs or any other authority want evidence when importing relevant goods.

Where do I get a nicotine vape GP prescription?

So you’re either thinking a) I need a vape to be socially relevant, and/or b) I want to quit smoking and vaping is good for it. Or you’ve been vaping for a while and just need a prescription to order some vaping goods in.

Either way, MinuteHealth can help.

There is a highly experienced network of Registered Australian Partner Doctors who provide nicotine vape prescriptions to a range of patients through MinuteHealth. Once you consult with a Partner Doctor through our platform, the healthcare professional will assess whether your situation suits a prescription of vaped nicotine. If you receive a prescription, you will be able to use this nicotine vape prescription to order nicotine vape products.

Why did nicotine laws change in Australia?

Most medical associations such as the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and the UK Royal College of Physicians know that vaping is likely less harmful than smoking and can help quit smoking. But regulating nicotine vape products is mostly to do with risk regulation, which is usually quite strict in Australia.

This mostly applies to reduce uptake of vaping by younger people. Because current smokers can access prescribed vaping to help quit smoking, the Aussie prescription model, in theory, aims to reduce smoking trends.

How do I get a prescription for vaping?

Tired of tasting cigarettes in your mouth the day after a night out? Or do you currently vape and need a prescription to keep tobacco away? If yes, t’s important to get a prescription soon to avoid any financial penalties that could arise.

If you need an online prescription for nicotine vaping products, it’s a simple process to get one through MinuteHealth:

📱 Head here

📝 Fill in a short form — it asks for key medical details

👨‍⚕️ Consult with your own Partner Doctor — they’ll take the medical information you provide and review within 24 hours

📥 If approved, get your prescription to your inbox — you’ll receive an SMS and an e-mail with your vape prescription ready to download

It’s important to note that the independent Partner Doctor will read your health notes and make an informed decision on whether to provide you with a vape prescription or not. The Health Practitioner does not work for us, and we’ve created MinuteHealth to facilitate a convenient, ongoing connection with them.